Acting Out Studio is an incredible organization for young people to develop their creative talents with amazing instructors and programs! I wish they had been around when my daughters were younger. Truly a rare and wonderful place that nurtures the creative spirit of young talent!
-Mitzi Corrigan/ C & J Casting, North Carolina
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Acting Out Studio has impressed me tremendously in the past few years with the quality of their programming and the success of their students. Their training, by a staff of actual working actors, benefits the beginner and the seasoned actor in the audition process. When holding an audition at C&J Casting, I’m happy when I see a student of Acting Out walk into the audition room, as I know they will be professional and prepared.
– Paige Johnston Thomas / C & J Casting, North Carolina
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C&J CASTINGNorth Carolina

As the owner of a talent agency it is very important that we have great resources to give to our actors.  My agency always recommends Acting Out as one of the great studios for gaining the proper training for auditions.  Kamber always has a positive and encouraging approach to bring out the best in each actor.
– Scott Cooper / Evolution Talent Agency Owner, North Carolina
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SCOTT COOPERNorth Carolina

We love working with talent that train at Acting Out Studios. We find that their level of talent and over understanding of the entertainment industry to be very strong.  I would not hesitate to recommend Acting Out Studios to anyone looking to develop their on camera skills.
-Beth Saunders/ Agent, Evolution Talent, North Carolina
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My experience with Kamber as an agency owner is that she works with her students to develop and enhance their acting skills and uses a comprehensive program in order to broaden their horizons in the industry.  They are prepared to land roles. She is a truly caring person and wants them to succeed and they do.
– LuAnne Bernier / Monarch Talent Agency Owner, North Carolina
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On the behalf of Charlotte Seen we attended the Acting out Studio Fashion Show and found it to be very professional and organized. At Charlotte Seen we are always looking for new models, singers and performers to be involved in Charlotte Fashion Week and when we saw the Acting Out Studio Fashion Show we scouting and found talent to be involved in our shows.  We welcome Acting Out Studio students to our shows and delightfully encourage them to live their dream.
– Rita Miles /Charlotte Seen, North Carolina
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Acting Out Studio is one of our preferred acting training centers. Our actors that train with Kamber gain valuable information and go on to even bigger jobs. We are proud to refer people to Acting Out Studio.
-Talent INC, North Carolina
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TALENT INCNorth Carolina

Acting out Studio is top notch! Gray Studios has never and will never guest teach at another facility because the quality of acting out is like no other. Real connections, real training and the only way to get the knowledge you need to take it to the next level! We truly believe this is the best studio in the South! Kamber and her team rock!
– Shanelle Gray / Owner Gray Studios, Los Angeles, OC, TN & GA
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Acting Out Studio has its “ACT” together! I very much enjoy my visits there because Kamber and her staff have created an environment that truly nurtures young actors. And, wow, they’ve got some talent there. If you’re anywhere near Charlotte and you want to raise your acting game, It’s a no brainer. Acting Out is the place to be.
-John D’Aquino /Actor, Teacher, Consultant, Los Angeles

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Brianna is a 14yr old who fell in love with the art of performing at the age of 9 after attending summer camp at Acting Out Studio. After three years of acting and improv classes, she attended Talent Inc in March 2016. She signed with AEFH in Los Angeles a short time after the event. In Aug 2016 Brianna and her family moved to Los Angeles, 5 days before she she landed her first role on Hulu’s, The Mindy Project where she played Mindy’s stepdaughter. She then went on to book Disney’s Ravens Home and Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Most recently Brianna appeared in Netflix’s Best, Worst Weekend Ever and the hit show This is Us. Brianna has been cast in commercial spots for Orbeez, Nintendo, Walmart, Comcast, and Boost Mobile. Brianna was the VIP Guest at Talent Inc March 2019 where she shared her journey and how it all began at Acting Out Studio. We still can’t believe this is our life!
Vanessa Reed (Brianna’s Mom), AOS Parent

The Mindy Project, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn, Raven’s Home, The Best Worst Weekend Ever, This is Us, Alive in Denver, A Kid Called Mayonnaise
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BRIANNA REEDThe Mindy Project, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn, Raven’s Home, The Best Worst Weekend Ever, This is Us, Alive in Denver, A Kid Called Mayonnaise