Matthew went out to LA to meet with agents and managers. He had 9 meetings and all 9 offered him representation on the spot. He signed with Milton Perea, AEFH Talent and Danielle Lenniger, Luber-Roklin Management. That summer Matthew booked a student film, a regional commercial and a National Commercial for “GameFly” – a video game service like Netflix.  After the summer of 2016, Matthew went back to NC to start high school, but the second semester we moved to LA for him to continue auditioning. He booked 2 more student films, a Disney Summer of Service Commercial, a Children’s Hospital Commercial and was a featured extra on Modern Family. He has auditioned for a lot of great roles, received call-backs and made it to producer sessions. He’s told us he’s never leaving LA. He’s found his place.
-Marion White (Matthew’s Mom), AOS Parent

And Yet They Speak, Max and Me, Until Then, Saving Lucas, Shoe Kid Stick
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MATTHEW WHITEAnd Yet They Speak, Max and Me, Until Then, Saving Lucas, Shoe Kid Stick

If not for Acting Out Studio, my experience at Talent Inc. would not have been as successful or enjoyable! They are so helpful in preparation, expectation, and ability to put on a show. I am so excited to attend Acting Out class because I am fully able to be myself as well as pursue my passion. The staff is so friendly and supportive. They help you learn and improve your weaknesses all while validating your strengths. Acting Out is like a second home to me, and I wouldn’t think of the staff as anyone but family! I am extremely thankful for Kamber and the rest of the staff for helping me win Overall Female Actor at Talent Inc. as well as pursue my love for acting!
– Maura Streppa, AOS Student

Maura Streppa is a singer-songwriter that lives locally in Charlotte, NC. The 18-year-old has an incredible sound that falls between pop and country.  Streppa sings a combination of covers and originals during her shows. Having performed at several venues and for crowds of all sizes, a couple recent highlights include Carolina Country Music Festival 2019 in Myrtle Beach, SC, and Whisky River in Charlotte, NC, where she opened for country music superstar Jimmie Allen. While growing up in Chicago, IL, Streppa fell in love with music at a young age. She focused primarily on musical theater at first, but began concentrating on her skills as a singer, songwriter and musician when she moved to North Carolina. Her talent is quickly gaining recognition and she will be performing at venues all across the Charlotte area this summer.
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MAURA STREPPAShadow of Lies, Singer, Songwriter

Gabby started taking acting lessons from Acting Out Studio January of 2016. EB was her teacher and suggested that she come audition for Talent Inc.  She auditioned and was chosen to attend the 10-week Talent Inc. training. At Talent Inc., Gabby was awarded a scholarship to attend the London Talent Inc. Event.  In June of 2016, she auditioned for the independent film A Fish Taleand was cast as a co-lead. Top billed cast were:  Lexi Giovagnoli, Robert Caradine and Martin Klebba.  Gabby has also appeared Outcast Cinemax series, Mr. Mercedesand modeled for CWDkids Spring 2018 catalog. Acting Out Studio has not only given my daughter the opportunity to explore the world of entertainment through acting classes, voice and guitar lessons, it has also given her the confidence and ability to stand in front of a room of 1000+ people  and perform a monologue, fly across the country to interview with a top Hollywood agent all by herself and audition countless times for roles that she may or may not book. All by the age of 10. Thanks to Kamber and her amazing staff Gabby will be able to take all that she is learning and translate it to everyday life, regardless of whether or not she pursues acting as a career!  Thanks Kamber and your amazing crew!!
Lisa Crandall (Gabby’s Mom), AOS Parent

Gabriella Crandall Mr. Mercedes, Run, Outcast, A Fish Tale
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GABBY CRANDALLGabriella Crandall Mr. Mercedes, Run, Outcast, A Fish Tale

Acting Out Studio offers the opportunity for kids to participate in Talent INC., which allows them to showcase their talents in front of Talent Agencies and Talent Managers from New York and California. This was not only a great learning experience for my daughter Sophia, but also a great opportunity for her to meet other kids with similar goals and become great friends. It also was an opportunity to speak with and perform in front of professionals in the business and Kamber takes great pride in helping the kids reach their potential.

Kamber’s commitment to her students is outstanding. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless. She leads and inspires by example and is a constant source of innovative ideas. She helps each student to discover and develop their own talents, whether in dance, drama, singing or musical theater, and allows them to progress at a pace that suits them, Acting Out Studios offers numerous performance opportunities to develop self-confidence, stage-craft and wider skills in engaging with an audience. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and it’s owner Kamber and their commitment and professionalism are a great example to many young people.
-Kari Zent (Sophia’s Mom), AOS Parent

Funny Runs, A.R.I., People Magazine Investigates, American Animals, A Bad Mom’s Christmas, What Lies Beyond, It’s Supernatural, Ford Commercial
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SOPHIA ALONGIFunny Runs, A.R.I., People Magazine Investigates, American Animals, A Bad Mom’s Christmas, What Lies Beyond, It’s Supernatural, Ford Commercial

Talent Inc. was a great experience for Maggie. We put her in really to see if she had what it takes to get into the acting business. We were blown away by the experience and with Maggie winning best Overall Child Talent we learned she did indeed have “it”. We had interest from multiple bicoastal agents and ended up visiting with several. As Maggie’s true passion is musical theatre we ended up with an agent in NYC who specializes in musical theatre. As a result, Maggie has had several auditions for both Broadway shows and Broadway touring shows. She has also auditioned for several movies and television shows, making final callbacks and meeting directors for a few. She is still waiting for that “big break” but is enjoying the process and learning new skills along the way making sure to take time to spend with family and friends.
-Peter & Kelly Bailey (Maggie’s Parents), AOS Parent

OVERALL CHILD TALENT – Talent Inc. March 2015
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Acting Out Studio has so much to offer! From Musical Theater to Improv, and everything in between, all the classes are great! The AOS instructors are talented and knowledgeable and make learning the trade so much fun! Finishing as a Top Five Male Actor at Talent Inc., August 2017, was an amazing experience that helped toward preparing me for life as an actor. The opportunity to meet with agents and talent managers gave me a better understanding of the industry. I think that seeing other performers and learning from their acts really helped me grow as an actor. I left Talent Inc. more certain than ever that I want to pursue acting as a career.
-Elijah Larsen, AOS Student

The Beast: in Beauty and the Beast, Addams Family, Shrek with Acting Out Studio | TOP 5 OVERALL MALE ACTOR – Talent Inc. Aug 2017
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ELIJAH LARSENThe Beast: in Beauty and the Beast, Addams Family, Shrek with Acting Out Studio | TOP 5 OVERALL MALE ACTOR - Talent Inc. Aug 2017

Our experience at Talent Inc. was in one word Amazing. Going into the event I was a little stressed not knowing exactly what to expect. But my fears were put to rest knowing that our director Elizabeth (EB) Byland from Acting Out Studio would be with us every step of the way. Our days were all laid out for us times, places & what to wear all we had to do was show up and be ready. I felt like it was an open door for agents to see Savannah and what she could do and that may not have happened had we not attended Talent Inc. Savannah received callbacks from several agents from all over LA, ATL, NY, FL. The event was professionally run and the staff were extremely kind and helpful.  To watch your child get on a stage, perform in front of agents & peers AND take away all that knowledge & experience is priceless. Savannah definitely learned a lot from her time in Orlando (so did I) and it’s fun to watch her continue to grow & pursue her passion. If Acting or Modeling is truly something you are passionate about I highly recommend attending Talent Inc.
-Brandi Parker, (Savannah’s Mom), AOS Parent

Bi-Lo Commercial, Raggs, Briggs and Stratton | Talent Inc. Aug 2015
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SAVANNAH PARKERBi-Lo Commercial, Raggs, Briggs and Stratton | Talent Inc. Aug 2015

Amelie began classes at Acting Out Studio with EB and loved working with her! She tried out for Talent INC and was selected to go! Talent Inc. was a wonderful experience for Amelie and a great opportunity for her to meet other talented actors and for her to build her confidence on stage, with a large audience. The interview portion of the workshop was a highlight!  Kamber was with us every step of the way! We are so appreciative of the acting classes at AOS and the instruction and guidance from Kamber at Talent INC! We cannot thank you enough Kamber! Amelie was fortunate to be signed with Monarch Talent Agency. Amelie is SAG Eligible and has worked on the following commercials: John Deere, Luna Petunia, Sheetz, Charlotte Eye, Ear Nose and Throat, Volvo Trucks, zMAX and Gazillion Bubbles.
Jennifer McLain (Amelie’s Mom), AOS Parent

Sheetz, Volvo, John Deere,Gazillion Bubbles Commercials | Talent Inc. Aug 2017
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AMELIE MCLAINSheetz, Volvo, John Deere,Gazillion Bubbles Commercials | Talent Inc. Aug 2017

In August 2015 Max and Griffin participated in Talent Inc.  We enrolled the boys in the Talent Inc. program though Kamber Hejlik’s Acting Out Studio in Charlotte, NC. Griffin, who won Overall Child Actor at Talent Inc., was signed by Osbrink Agency in Los Angeles and is now also represented by Carson Adler in NYC and managed by RSA Talent in LA. Talent Inc. literally changed Griffin’s life. The experience gave him the confidence to pursue his dreams.  In addition to several roles in the southeast, Griffin has worked with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and an amazing ensemble comedic cast in the upcoming Netflix movie The Week Of and recently just got to work with Ralph Macchio as his on-screen son in eight episodes of Cobra Kai with talks of expanding his role in upcoming seasons. Griffin is growing as an actor and continues to get positive feedback from casting and producers. In fact, Griffin has three auditions tomorrow.  As a parent, I am incredible grateful for his preparation by Kamber and his experience at Talent Inc.
Kathy Santopietro (Max and Griffin’s Mom), AOS Parent

Talent Inc. March 2015
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MAX SANTOPIETROTalent Inc. March 2015

Jordan had been taking acting and singing classes, including improv for more than a year when Kamber asked if she would be interested in attending Talent, Inc. Kamber assured me Acting Out only sends qualified performers who are ready to showcase their work.  This opportunity gave Jordan a chance to present a monologue, a film scene, perform a song and go through a set of interviews with wide ranges of audiences. If she could withstand the stage at this age, she could get even more confidence moving forward. Kamber and EB and Patrick were there every step of the way from selecting headshots and wardrobe, to preparing for interviews and scene study.  In the end, Jordan was asked to several callbacks. She continues to talk about that experience and I have recommended Talent Inc. to several families who have inquired about it. She is now signed in the Southeast and Los Angeles and has made several trips to LA for acting. Take the leap, you won’t regret it!
-Kelley Cobb (Jordan’s Mom), AOS Parent

Clique Wars Part I and Part II, Sheetz Commercial, Peter: in Peter Pan with Acting Out Studio | Talent Inc. March 2015
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JORDAN COBBClique Wars Part I and Part II, Sheetz Commercial, Peter: in Peter Pan with Acting Out Studio | Talent Inc. March 2015