Acting Out Studio offers the opportunity for kids to participate in Talent INC., which allows them to showcase their talents in front of Talent Agencies and Talent Managers from New York and California. This was not only a great learning experience for my daughter Sophia, but also a great opportunity for her to meet other kids with similar goals and become great friends. It also was an opportunity to speak with and perform in front of professionals in the business and Kamber takes great pride in helping the kids reach their potential.

Kamber’s commitment to her students is outstanding. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless. She leads and inspires by example and is a constant source of innovative ideas. She helps each student to discover and develop their own talents, whether in dance, drama, singing or musical theater, and allows them to progress at a pace that suits them, Acting Out Studios offers numerous performance opportunities to develop self-confidence, stage-craft and wider skills in engaging with an audience. I cannot speak highly enough of this company and it’s owner Kamber and their commitment and professionalism are a great example to many young people.
-Kari Zent (Sophia’s Mom), AOS Parent

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