High Quality Videos… Our Tapes Book

Most auditions are taped submissions. Casting directors look at hundreds of tapes. What is going to set you apart from other actors? What is going to make you look professional? What is going to get you booked? Acting Out Studio provides actors with the highest quality of COACHING, TAPING, EDITING and UPLOADING that has been consistently recommended by agents and casting directors. Our modernized film studio is equipped with the highest filming and editing devices, lighting, and backdrops that will provide the actor and casting director with a submission that upholds our professional reputation, while meeting today’s industry standards. Bottom line, our tapes book. $75/Hr


Professional & Helpful Advice

If you don’t have time to get your audition coached or you can’t make it into the studio, AOS will review your audition for you before you submit it and discuss any notes with the actor. While we do not recommend actors tape at home because it can look unprofessional, sometimes it is inevitable. AOS audition reviews can be very helpful to an actor. $45/Submission

  • Audition Coaching & Taping — $75/HR
  • Audition Review — $45/Submission

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