Annual AOS Showcase and more

At the end of the season and for some throughout, students will be able to showcase what they have learned by taking part in our annual showcase or multiple shows during the season. These range from acting, modeling, improv, musical theater, film, music and much more.

End of Year Showcase

Annual Showcase Performances

Students showcase their talent at Acting Out Studio’s End of the Year Showcase. Students perform scenes for family, friends and industry professionals. This prestigious showcase is offered once a year at the end of our season. What better way to end the year!

AOS Talent Inc.

Intensive Development Program

AOS offers Talent Inc., our intensive development program twice a year. This prestigious program is by audition only. All intensive classes take place at AOS and cumulate with the Talent Inc. Showcase in Orlando which takes place in March and Aug.

AOS Improv Shows

Perform Shows Throughout the Year

Our Renown AOS Improv Teams perform shows throughout the year. These amazing improv shows are not only performed in our very own Black Box Theater “The Basement” but in many local and regional venues.

AOS Musical Theater Productions

By Audition Only

AOS offers multiple spectacular musicals per year. Musicals are by age group and are by audition only. Our musicals are performed at our very own black box theater “The Basement” and other venues around Charlotte.