Acting Out Studio is Partnering with Shutter Blade Media for Reels.

Increase your chances of booking the job!

Acting Demo Reels are the most successful way to establish yourself as a professional actor, get more casting directors to notice you, and increase your chances of booking the job. You can upload your reel to any acting site for casting directors and talent agents to easily access. Demo reels are typically filmed with two actors to give the scene more life. We are happy to assist in finding an acting partner or can do a one person scene if need be.

You can choose 1,2, or 3 comedic or dramatic scenes to film which are written for the actor(s). Each scene is roughly 1 min and you can choose whatever combination of dramatic and comedic that you’d like.

We write and create scenes personalized for you and your strengths. We know your reel represents you as an actor more than anything else and is a chance to give casting directors a glimpse of what they will see before hiring you. We film the scene as if it were taken from a larger piece (Short Film, Feature, Web-Series) and deliver high quality reel footage that is ready to share with prospective casting directors, managers, and agents.

Comedy Reels
Dramatic Reels
Every Reel Appointment at AOS Includes
  • A consultation about the reel
  • Original dramatic or comedic script(s) written for the actor
  • Coaching and Filming
  • Editing of Final Project
Options and Rates
  • 1 Scene 
    — One ready to upload scene with an approximate 1:00 runtime featuring 1 or 2 actors
    — Custom 1-1.5 page script written in your choice of genre
    — 2-3 hour shoot with our expert production team
    — Full editing services including color grading & sound design – all delivered within a week of filming!
  • 2 Scenes
    — Two Original Scenes
    — 2:30-3:30 total run time
    — Up to a 2 page script for each scene
    — 5 hour shoot
    — Writing, Production & Editing
  • 3 Scenes
    — Includes everything from above – x3!
    — A full day of shooting to capture three separate scenes
    — Ready to upload demo reel highlighting your full range

All options include up to two actors per scene and custom written scripts in genre of choice. For cutting existing footage together, please contact us for a quote at or (910)233-7949.

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