Most of my best memories are in front of that huge window and black stage at Acting Out Studios. The best part of acting class and student films with AOS was teaching me to have a conscious awareness of what to do in front of a camera. These courses fostered a sense of self, challenged my creative thinking process, and inspired me to realize life is more than textbooks and rules; it was instead creativity, passion, and laughter. The friends, both students and teachers, I made in my AOS classes understood me like no other people and were there for me in times of celebration and times of hurt. They are your supporters. AOS offers a broad scope of classes, and no matter what, students always find their place whether it is in improv, theatre, or acting for the screen. It is a place to display what you have learned over time and embrace what each one of us has innately in us as actors—the passion to perform. AOS encouraged me to follow my heart with confidence and with that, I ended up in LA and will attend UCLA, being involved in all things screen and stage at school and in the surrounding area. Without Kamber, Patrick, and EB, and the best AOS team, I am not sure if I would have ever made it over here. With years of AOS training, the improv techniques learned in Charlotte led me to having an inner sense of confidence when doing it with Upright Citizens Brigade in LA. Thank you AOS for being an environment of support, education, and embracing what bonds us all.
Kayliegh Ruller, AOS Student

Good to See You, Mott and Spy, Road Trip Nightmare, Nanny Dearest, No. One, Love Letters, The End of the World