At Acting Out Studio Charlotte has been TRULY blessed to connect with EB (Elizabeth Byland) who she considers her mentor. I have seen firsthand how EB really cares about her students and really cares about the quality performance they do. EB is a true professional and Charlotte/AOS is lucky to have her. She really knows her stuff and is very talented. Charlotte is so passionate about improv, she would never miss a class if at all possible. EB has helped her to become more comfortable on stage and confident and she has really blossomed by joining the improv team. Charlotte also had a great experience in acting class with PJ, he is also very professional and I can tell REALLY cares about his students. Kamber (owner) has been available and helpful at any turn where I needed a recommendation or assistance.  She also offered an ‘industry’ workshop before Talent Inc. that helped us consider whether Charlotte would like to get into the “business”. She gave me time on the phone when we were considering what agents to utilize in NY and needed help finding an acting coach out of state. AOS even helped with setting up headshots with a really great photographer in from LA. It really has been a full service studio for our us. We are blessed to have AOS up in the Lake Norman area, and I hope that the studio continues to grow and offer even more opportunities.​
Andrea Trembath (Charlotte’s Mom), AOS Parent

This is NOT Us, Cramming, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Mysteries at the Museum, The Affair, Shadow of Doubt | Talent Inc. March 2016