Charlie’s active participation in weekly scene study at Acting Out Studio definitely led to increased confidence and honed his acting skills. Even at 5 years old, he could observe his classmates in an exercise and then use that insight to help improve his next attempt at the scene. The “intro” skills these kids learn in Acting I are actually the ultimate foundation for all actors that want to consistently book work: following directions, learning how to work effectively in an ensemble scene, understanding the power of stillness, utilizing constructive feedback, and figuring out how to improve your work after watching yourself on playback. Acting is an extremely competitive business. Agents and Casting Directors really focus on the training section of actor resumes during the callback phases. A history of dedicated training helps them feel confident in their final selections…because their reputation is also on the line with every booking!
-Renee Vesci (Charlies Mom) Agent, Fast Lane Talent

Mercy, Skateshop, I Do Not Sleep, Solitude, It’s Supernatural, Fran K.: Frankenstein, American Animala, Your Worst Nightmare, The Choice, Flying Blind, CPI, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Michelin Commercial