Acting Out Studio has so much to offer! From Musical Theater to Improv, and everything in between, all the classes are great! The AOS instructors are talented, knowledgeable and make learning the trade so much fun! Finishing as a Top Five Male Actor at Talent Inc., August 2017, was an amazing experience that helped toward preparing me for life as an actor. The opportunity to meet with agents and talent managers gave me a better understanding of the industry. I think that seeing other performers and learning from their acts really helped me grow as an actor. I left Talent Inc. more certain than ever that I want to pursue acting as a career.

The Beast: in Beauty and the Beast, Mal Beineke: Addams Family, Aladdin: Aladdin with Acting Out Studio
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ELIJAH LARSENThe Beast: in Beauty and the Beast, Mal Beineke: Addams Family, Aladdin: Aladdin with Acting Out Studio

I take musical theater classes and participate in the musicals at Acting Out Studio. Ever since I have been at Acting Out Studio my love for the arts has grown and it has prepared for my future in the arts! What I love about AOS is that everyone is close with each other and each person feels included. When I first came to AOS I didn’t feel left out in the slightest bit! Everything is very equal and is not based on how long you have been at AOS but is based on talent which is what I love!
-Liz Trumpower, AOS Student

Belle: Beauty and the Beast, Wednesday Addams: Addams Family with Acting Out Studio
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LIZ TRUMPOWERBelle: Beauty and the Beast, Wednesday Addams: Addams Family with Acting Out Studio

Acting Out Studio provides my daughter Jillian with incredible, professional instruction in modeling, singing and acting. She is learning about the industry in a positive and encouraging way while making friends and having an amazing time. I have seen great improvement in her confidence, poise and energy and this is the direct result of the wonderful guidance she receives at Acting Out Studio.
-Allison Arena (Jillian’s Mom), AOS Parent

Charlotte Seen, Lilly Pulitzer
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JILLIAN ARENACharlotte Seen, Lilly Pulitzer

We would like to thank Acting Out Studio for all of their training and coaching. Brenan as become a more confident actor and feels more prepared in auditions. His Improv class with EB has really helped tremendously with commercial auditions since most commercial auditions are all Improv. I really believe that it was his improv training that led him to booking his two latest commercials for Carowinds and Belk. As a parent we are so thankful for the guidance and preparation that Acting Out Studio has provided for Brenan. We are excited to see Brenan grow in his journey of acting with the help of Acting Out Studio! Thank You again!!
-Amy Young (Brenan’s Mom), AOS Parent

A Way with Anger, It’s Supernatural, Loving, Carowinds, Belk Commercial 

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BRENAN YOUNGA Way with Anger, It’s Supernatural, Loving, Carowinds, Belk Commercial 

AOS has been awesome for Evan. He has met so many kids, like him. He enjoys every class and can really be himself when he walks through the doors of AOS. Thanks to AOS for being the place for Evan to thrive and be who he is.
Brandy McCoy (Evan’s Mom), AOS Parent

Vaughan, Jane and Fam, In Search
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EVAN MCCOYVaughan, Jane and Fam, In Search

Acting Out Studio has been instrumental in the growth of myself as an actress, an active member of film on the production side, and as a person in general. Classes at AOS have helped me with auditioning, have taught me on-set behavior, and have helped develop my skills as an actress. More than that, AOS has helped me bloom into the confident and motivated person I am today. I have worked on productions not only on-screen but as a 2nd AC, PA, AD, and Sound Mixer because AOS has prepared me for these off-camera roles. That is what sets AOS apart from every other studio.
-Madison Reitz, AOS Student
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MADISON REITZThe Strange and Unusual, Your Worst Nightmare

AOS was a crucial part in Emma’s successes!  Not only did AOS provide her with exceptional talent development classes, but also prepped her for interactions she would have with agents and everyone on a film set. I watched her confidence grow in so many areas and she continues to apply what she learned from AOS on a daily basis.  I’m so grateful for Kamber and her amazing staff!
Laura Rea (Emma’s Mom), AOS Parent

Outcast, Golden Corral National Commercial
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EMMA REAOutcast, Golden Corral National Commercial

Most of my best memories are in front of that huge window and black stage at Acting Out Studios. The best part of acting class and student films with AOS was teaching me to have a conscious awareness of what to do in front of a camera. These courses fostered a sense of self, challenged my creative thinking process, and inspired me to realize life is more than textbooks and rules; it was instead creativity, passion, and laughter. The friends, both students and teachers, I made in my AOS classes understood me like no other people and were there for me in times of celebration and times of hurt. They are your supporters. AOS offers a broad scope of classes, and no matter what, students always find their place whether it is in improv, theatre, or acting for the screen. It is a place to display what you have learned over time and embrace what each one of us has innately in us as actors—the passion to perform. AOS encouraged me to follow my heart with confidence and with that, I ended up in LA and will attend UCLA, being involved in all things screen and stage at school and in the surrounding area. Without Kamber, Patrick, and EB, and the best AOS team, I am not sure if I would have ever made it over here. With years of AOS training, the improv techniques learned in Charlotte led me to having an inner sense of confidence when doing it with Upright Citizens Brigade in LA. Thank you AOS for being an environment of support, education, and embracing what bonds us all.
Kayliegh Ruller, AOS Student

Love Letters, The End of the World
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KAYLIEGH RULLERLove Letters, The End of the World

Kamber Hejlik and her incredible staff at Acting Out Studio are very knowledgeable and dedicated to their craft and very caring and supportive of their students. Our son, Kyle has benefited greatly from taking classes at AOS. Kamber and her staff thoroughly prepared Kyle for a very successful Talent Inc Showcase in Orlando. Kamber also assisted us with the logistics of securing appointments with a number of talent agencies. She personally walked us through the process of selecting talent representation for Kyle. We’ve been very pleased with AOS. I highly recommend anyone from novice to experienced actor to become a part of the AOS family.
-K. Andre Sloan (Kyle’s Dad), AOS Parent

The Bobby Brown Story
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KYLE SLOANThe Bobby Brown Story

My daughter Allison started classes at AOS over a year ago. It was the first time she suggested her own activity and has stuck with it ever since. My husband and I are not familiar with the entertainment industry so were excited for her but also very intimidated. After the first year, our daughter has blossomed and we are now searching for an agent. She has always loved all of her classes/ teachers. Kamber, the owner, is very supportive through the process once you decide you want to pursue a career in acting. She is very accessible and helps answer all of my questions. I very proud to send my daughter to Acting Out Studio.
Shannon Berliner (Allison’s Mom), AOS Parent
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