Abigail Parker Brown Acting Out Studio proved to be a wonderful way to hone my skills and take my acting to the next level.  The instructors are experienced in getting jobs in the industry. The Master Film Class helped me by being in front of the camera frequently. What I learned has greatly helped me in professional settings. Acting Out studio taught me that I will never stop learning. The more I practice and the harder I work the better I become. It gave me a safe space to practice and to learn. I had the freedom to mess up which was what I needed to get better. The ability to watch myself on camera taught me more than I ever imagined. The opportunity to go to Talent Inc. was a game changer.  I was honored in winning best overall actress. Talent Inc. taught me the power of networking and the importance of learning everyday, proactively. Seeing actors that work in LA and NYC as well as hearing from casting agents, and directors gives a whole new perspective on the craft of acting. Not to mention the real work of putting together a commercial, film scene, and doing improv in front of experienced agents who work in the industry everyday. Since Talent Inc. I have acquired an agent. I have had the opportunity be in numerous different productions. I have also had several auditions for local commercials and films. I am grateful to Acting Out Studio, the teachers, and Kamber for the opportunities I received.
-Abigail Parker Brown, AOS Student

One Man’s Treasure, The Basement | OVERALL FEMALE ACTOR – Talent Inc Aug 2016