Improv Director / Acting Instructor / Social Media Director

Karla Dingle has spent her life on the stage. She began taking theater classes at age 5 and continued to study acting until receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Georgia in Theater in 1998. Karla began performing improv in Charlotte in 2009 and continues to educate herself through workshops and classes at Second City, Hoopla, The Groundlings and more. Karla is also an actor and voiceover artist.

In addition to being the Improv Director at Acting Out Studio, she is also a faculty member and producer with the Queen City Comedy’s Global Improv Project which connects improvisers worldwide. As a guest instructor at the Vintage Improv Festival, Highwire Improv, The Nursery, Liverpool Comedy Improv and the Bangalore India Improv Community, Karla has instructed students from England, Israel, India, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, the Philippines and beyond.

You can see her performing with Now are the Foxes Improv Comedy, Don’t Mess Improv, Close Distance Improv, Charlotte Comedy Theater, Background Noise Musical Improv and the Duo Judkins and Dingle.