Talent Inc. was a great experience for Maggie. We put her in really to see if she had what it takes to get into the acting business. We were blown away by the experience and with Maggie winning best Overall Child Talent we learned she did indeed have “it”. We had interest from multiple bicoastal agents and ended up visiting with several. As Maggie’s true passion is musical theatre we ended up with an agent in NYC who specializes in musical theatre. As a result, Maggie has had several auditions for both Broadway shows and Broadway touring shows. She has also auditioned for several movies and television shows, making final callbacks and meeting directors for a few. She is still waiting for that “big break” but is enjoying the process and learning new skills along the way making sure to take time to spend with family and friends.
-Peter & Kelly Bailey (Maggie’s Parents), AOS Parent

OVERALL CHILD TALENT – Talent Inc. March 2015