Triston attended Talent Inc. August 2016, where he won Overall Child Model. As an entire family we had such a blast! Kamber and her entire Acting Out Studio Team helped prepare Triston for callbacks from some of the top Agencies in the country. Since Talent Inc., Triston has had the opportunity to book some cool jobs. He loves continuing to train and meeting other young aspiring Actors. Talent Inc. was a phenomenal  foundation and springboard for Triston. It is a very collaborative approach to some of the finest teaching and tips for those looking to really excel in the entertainment industry. It is genuinely neat to know Triston made lifelong friends at Talent Inc. Many of them are seeing success and have such a bright future ahead!
Jeffrey Cropp (Triston’s Dad), AOS Parent

OVERALL CHILD MODEL – Talent Inc Aug 2016
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Acting Out Studio has so much to offer! From Musical Theater to Improv, and everything in between, all the classes are great! The AOS instructors are talented and knowledgeable and make learning the trade so much fun! Finishing as a Top Five Male Actor at Talent Inc., August 2017, was an amazing experience that helped toward preparing me for life as an actor. The opportunity to meet with agents and talent managers gave me a better understanding of the industry. I think that seeing other performers and learning from their acts really helped me grow as an actor. I left Talent Inc. more certain than ever that I want to pursue acting as a career.
-Elijah Larsen, AOS Student

The Beast: in Beauty and the Beast, Addams Family, Shrek with Acting Out Studio | TOP 5 OVERALL MALE ACTOR – Talent Inc. Aug 2017
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ELIJAH LARSENThe Beast: in Beauty and the Beast, Addams Family, Shrek with Acting Out Studio | TOP 5 OVERALL MALE ACTOR - Talent Inc. Aug 2017

Gabby started taking acting lessons from Acting Out Studio January of 2016. EB was her teacher and suggested that she come audition for Talent Inc.  She auditioned and was chosen to attend the 10-week Talent Inc. training. At Talent Inc., Gabby was awarded a scholarship to attend the London Talent Inc. Event.  In June of 2016, she auditioned for the independent film A Fish Taleand was cast as a co-lead. Top billed cast were:  Lexi Giovagnoli, Robert Caradine and Martin Klebba.  Gabby has also appeared Outcast Cinemax series, Mr. Mercedesand modeled for CWDkids Spring 2018 catalog. Acting Out Studio has not only given my daughter the opportunity to explore the world of entertainment through acting classes, voice and guitar lessons, it has also given her the confidence and ability to stand in front of a room of 1000+ people  and perform a monologue, fly across the country to interview with a top Hollywood agent all by herself and audition countless times for roles that she may or may not book. All by the age of 10. Thanks to Kamber and her amazing staff Gabby will be able to take all that she is learning and translate it to everyday life, regardless of whether or not she pursues acting as a career!  Thanks Kamber and your amazing crew!!
Lisa Crandall (Gabby’s Mom), AOS Parent

Gabriella Crandall Mr. Mercedes, Run, Outcast, A Fish Tale
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GABBY CRANDALLGabriella Crandall Mr. Mercedes, Run, Outcast, A Fish Tale

Savannah PakerOur experience at Talent Inc. was in one word Amazing. Going into the event I was a little stressed not knowing exactly what to expect. But my fears were put to rest knowing that our director Elizabeth (EB) Byland from Acting Out Studio would be with us every step of the way. Our days were all laid out for us times, places & what to wear all we had to do was show up and be ready. I felt like it was an open door for agents to see Savannah and what she could do and that may not have happened had we not attended Talent Inc. Savannah received callbacks from several agents from all over LA, ATL, NY, FL. The event was professionally run and the staff were extremely kind and helpful.  To watch your child get on a stage, perform in front of agents & peers AND take away all that knowledge & experience is priceless. Savannah definitely learned a lot from her time in Orlando (so did I) and it’s fun to watch her continue to grow & pursue her passion. If Acting or Modeling is truly something you are passionate about I highly recommend attending Talent Inc.
-Brandi Parker, (Savannah’s Mom), AOS Parent

Bi-Lo Commercial, Raggs, Briggs and Stratton | Talent Inc. Aug 2015
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Savannah Paker
SAVANNAH PARKERBi-Lo Commercial, Raggs, Briggs and Stratton | Talent Inc. Aug 2015

Thank you Acting Out Studio for preparing Riley for Talent INC! She loved it! Of course, winning Overall Talent made her weekend. All the credit goes to Acting Out Studio for helping her on her journey to become an amazing actress!!!
– Ruby Cooper (Riley’s Mom), AOS Parent

OVERALL CHILD TALENT – Talent Inc. Aug 2014

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Olivia attended Talent Inc with Acting Out Studio Aug 2017. This was her first introduction to the Industry. Prior to Talent inc she was not sure which area she wanted to focus on. Talent inc was an amazing opportunity for her to try new things. The exposure and experience has helped her grow as an actor and gain more confidence. It was an amazing experience.
Susan Schwartz (Olivia’s Mom), AOS Parent

Talent Inc. Aug 2017

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OLIVIA SCHWARTZTalent Inc. Aug 2017

Carrington WrightWhile Carrington had recently signed with a local agency and was already doing a fair amount of print work, we made the decision that we wanted to explore the acting side of things. We went to our first Talent Inc. in March 2018 and met with numerous agents from NY and LA. She is now signed with The Savage Agency in LA and deciding between several NY agents. Talent Inc. was a great experience for us as we were looking to get our foot in the door and network with others in the industry. Mission accomplished. We are headed out to LA & NY for the summer, wish us luck!
-Marlo Wright (Carrington’s Mom), AOS Parent

Belk, Mohawk Flooring, Off Broadway Shoes, Children’s Place | OVERALL CHILD MODEL – Talent Inc. March 2018
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Carrington Wright
CARRINGTON WRIGHTBelk, Mohawk Flooring, Off Broadway Shoes, Children's Place | OVERALL CHILD MODEL - Talent Inc. March 2018

Abigail Parker Brown Acting Out Studio proved to be a wonderful way to hone my skills and take my acting to the next level.  The instructors are experienced in getting jobs in the industry. The Master Film Class helped me by being in front of the camera frequently. What I learned has greatly helped me in professional settings. Acting Out studio taught me that I will never stop learning. The more I practice and the harder I work the better I become. It gave me a safe space to practice and to learn. I had the freedom to mess up which was what I needed to get better. The ability to watch myself on camera taught me more than I ever imagined. The opportunity to go to Talent Inc. was a game changer.  I was honored in winning best overall actress. Talent Inc. taught me the power of networking and the importance of learning everyday, proactively. Seeing actors that work in LA and NYC as well as hearing from casting agents, and directors gives a whole new perspective on the craft of acting. Not to mention the real work of putting together a commercial, film scene, and doing improv in front of experienced agents who work in the industry everyday. Since Talent Inc. I have acquired an agent. I have had the opportunity be in numerous different productions. I have also had several auditions for local commercials and films. I am grateful to Acting Out Studio, the teachers, and Kamber for the opportunities I received.
-Abigail Parker Brown, AOS Student

One Man’s Treasure, The Basement | OVERALL FEMALE ACTOR – Talent Inc Aug 2016
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Abigail Parker Brown
ABIGAIL PARKER BROWNOne Man’s Treasure, The Basement | OVERALL FEMALE ACTOR - Talent Inc Aug 2016

Andrew attended Talent Inc. March of 2016. He went out to LA and signed with AEFH in June of that year. He has been in LA since. He has done the following since being in LA: Samsung Galaxy 8 Commercial- Featured, Avocado-Lead (Lucas)- Indie short film Remember Me- Supporting (Gellar)- Indie short film, The MaD JaCKRaTS- Improv performance guest performer, BaBY JaCKRaTS- Improv troupe member Valley Girl- Feature Film, The Last Milkman- Feature Film, BITS, New Media Wish VR- voice over.
-Lori Gabriel (Andrew’s Mom), AOS Parent

Falling Stars, Space Waves, Rose, Evan Wood, Five, The Greatest Salesman, The Happy Side, Avocado, Remember Me, Samsung Galaxy

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ANDREW GABRIELFalling Stars, Space Waves, Rose, Evan Wood, Five, The Greatest Salesman, The Happy Side, Avocado, Remember Me, Samsung Galaxy

After many summer acting camps, school and community theater productions, and a strong passion for performing, Chandler had the opportunity to attend Talent, Inc. with Acting Out Studio when he was 11yrs.  He prepared for many months with AOS working on his craft and honing his skills.  Chandler loved his time at Talent Inc. attending the many classes offered to continue learning about acting in TV and Film.  He especially loved performing his monologue, improv and film scene.  Upon completion of the incredible workshops and all of the performances at Talent Inc, Chandler was awarded the Gold acting award in his age group.  That evening was one we will never forget.  It was such a wonderful honor to be amongst so many talented children and be recognized for his hard work and talent.

After many invitations to meet with talent agents and managers at Talent, Inc., we were soon on our way to Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles for follow up meetings.  We developed a great team, decided to try out pilot season in LA and we ended up staying there!  Chandler has been so fortunate to have incredible opportunities and has starred in two short films – Cold Embrace and Piano Lessons, tv shows like Shameless, S.W.A.T., Blackish, PEN15, Just My Luck, tv commercials and more.  He also performed a live comedy routine at the famed Feinstein’s at Vitello’s in Studio City, CA.  He is currently working in Toronto on a Warner Bros. feature film, 8-Bit Christmas, to be released later this year.

We are incredibly thankful for Acting Out Studio, Kamber Hejlik and Talent Inc. for helping us navigate this acting journey.

Dreams do come true!

– Tammy and Matt DeBoer (Chandler Dean DeBoer’s parents) 

Shameless, S.W.A.T., Blackish, PEN15, Just my Luck, 8-Bit Christmas, Cold Embrace

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CHANDLER DEBOERShameless, S.W.A.T., Blackish, PEN15, Just my Luck, 8-Bit Christmas, Cold Embrace