Acting Out Studio proved to be a wonderful way to hone my skills and take my acting to the next level.  The instructors are experienced in getting jobs in the industry. The Master Film Class helped me by being in front of the camera frequently. What I learned has greatly helped me in professional settings. Acting Out studio taught me that I will never stop learning. The more I practice and the harder I work the better I become. It gave me a safe space to practice and to learn. I had the freedom to mess up which was what I needed to get better. The ability to watch myself on camera taught me more than I ever imagined. The opportunity to go to Talent Inc. was a game changer.  I was honored in winning best overall actress. Talent Inc. taught me the power of networking and the importance of learning everyday, proactively. Seeing actors that work in LA and NYC as well as hearing from casting agents, and directors gives a whole new perspective on the craft of acting. Not to mention the real work of putting together a commercial, film scene, and doing improv in front of experienced agents who work in the industry everyday. Since Talent Inc. I have acquired an agent. I have had the opportunity be in numerous different productions. I have also had several auditions for local commercials and films. I am grateful to Acting Out Studio, the teachers, and Kamber for the opportunities I received.
-Abigail Parker Brown, AOS Student

One Man’s Treasure, The Basement | OVERALL FEMALE ACTOR – Talent Inc Aug 2016
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ABIGAIL PARKER BROWNOne Man’s Treasure, The Basement | OVERALL FEMALE ACTOR - Talent Inc Aug 2016

“The best night of my life…” were the words spoken by my daughter at Talent Inc. Orlando (March 2018).  Highlights from this experience are expert industry-relevant instruction and workshops, professional coaching and resume building, exposure to industry decision-makers and the development of life-long friendships with her AOS team.  Talent Inc. is a life-changing experience.
-Laura Adelman (Olivia’s Mom), AOS Parent

Sno Babies, Dark Waters | Talent Inc. March 2018

LIV ADELMANSno Babies, Dark Waters | Talent Inc. March 2018

Jillian attended Talent Inc. in 2017, and received several call backs from major modeling and talent agencies. She is represented in the Southeast by Evolution Modeling and Talent agency. She has walked for Charlotte Seen fashion shows numerous times. Recently, she walked for Lilly Pulitzer at the Charlotte EXPO show.  She is a member of the teen improv team (Bread Company) and was cast in PJ’s straight play. Acting Out Studio provides my daughter Jillian with incredible, professional instruction in modeling, singing and acting. She is learning about the industry in a positive and encouraging way while making friends and having an amazing time.  I have seen great improvement in her confidence, poise and energy and this is the direct result of the wonderful guidance she receives at Acting Out Studio.
Allison Arena (Jillian’s Mom), AOS Parent

Charlotte Seen, Lilly Pulitzer | Talent Inc. Aug 2017
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JILLIAN ARENACharlotte Seen, Lilly Pulitzer | Talent Inc. Aug 2017

Ian Schroeder was new to the world of acting when he attended Talent Inc. March 2017 Ian had a strong passion to act and we were not sure in what direction to go in.  Kamber met with us one on one and and invited Ian to attend Talent Inc. Ian attended Talent Inc. 2017 and competed against hundreds of trained actors & models. The shock continued when Ian won Overall Child Actor!  Ian was the happiest I have ever seen him. That accomplishment along with his master acting classes & his time with EB and the Lemonade Stand has given Ian so much confidence. He signed with Evolution Talent & upon returning from Talent Inc. and has been auditioning for movies, series, & commercials on a regular basis.  He has obtained a role in a Carowinds commercial and also a commercial for Republic Wireless. Talent Inc. has been such a blessing to us! All of the instructors have been outstanding and such a support to Ian!
Monica Schroeder (Ian’s Mom), AOS Parent

Carowinds Commercial, Republic Wireless Commercial | OVERALL CHILD ACTOR – Talent Inc. March 2017
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IAN SCHROEDERCarowinds Commercial, Republic Wireless Commercial | OVERALL CHILD ACTOR - Talent Inc. March 2017

I just love Acting Out Studio!  Acting is my passion and AOS has taught me so much and allowed me to participate in Talent Inc. where I won Top 5 Female Actor.
-Abby Larson, AOS Student  

TOP 5 OVERALL FEMALE ACTOR – Talent Inc. March 2017


Thank you Talent Inc.! Everyone knows that the percentages of successfully “breaking into the entertainment business” are low. But, because of the tireless efforts of Scott Cooper and his hard-working Talent Inc. staff, those percentages have significantly increased for my daughter. After an educational and informative workshop day from industry specialists, the Talent Inc. performers spent the next two days wowing the enthusiastic crowd. The Acting Out group was obviously prepared and ready to showcase their various gifts thanks to Kamber Hejlik and her qualified training and development crew. The atmosphere was electric and uplifting to performers and parents alike. My 12yr. old came away with renewed confidence, lifelong friendships and an unmatched determination to continue her journey of pursuing her dreams. This showcase is a gift to anyone who is thinking about making a career out of their talent ambitions!
-Laura Rea (Emma’s Mom), AOS Parent

Outcast, Golden Corral National Commercial | OVERALL CHILD ACTOR – Talent Inc. Aug 2014
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EMMA REAOutcast, Golden Corral National Commercial | OVERALL CHILD ACTOR - Talent Inc. Aug 2014

Triston attended Talent Inc. August 2016, where he won Overall Child Model. As an entire family we had such a blast! Kamber and her entire Acting Out Studio Team helped prepare Triston for callbacks from some of the top Agencies in the country. Since Talent Inc., Triston has had the opportunity to book some cool jobs. He loves continuing to train and meeting other young aspiring Actors. Talent Inc. was a phenomenal  foundation and springboard for Triston. It is a very collaborative approach to some of the finest teaching and tips for those looking to really excel in the entertainment industry. It is genuinely neat to know Triston made lifelong friends at Talent Inc. Many of them are seeing success and have such a bright future ahead!
Jeffrey Cropp (Triston’s Dad), AOS Parent

OVERALL CHILD MODEL – Talent Inc Aug 2016
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Thank you Acting Out Studio for preparing Riley for Talent INC! She loved it! Of course, winning Overall Talent made her weekend. All the credit goes to Acting Out Studio for helping her on her journey to become an amazing actress!!!
– Ruby Cooper (Riley’s Mom), AOS Parent

OVERALL CHILD TALENT – Talent Inc. Aug 2014

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Olivia attended Talent Inc with Acting Out Studio Aug 2017. This was her first introduction to the Industry. Prior to Talent inc she was not sure which area she wanted to focus on. Talent inc was an amazing opportunity for her to try new things. The exposure and experience has helped her grow as an actor and gain more confidence. It was an amazing experience.
Susan Schwartz (Olivia’s Mom), AOS Parent

Talent Inc. Aug 2017

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OLIVIA SCHWARTZTalent Inc. Aug 2017