Savannah PakerOur experience at Talent Inc. was in one word Amazing. Going into the event I was a little stressed not knowing exactly what to expect. But my fears were put to rest knowing that our director Elizabeth (EB) Byland from Acting Out Studio would be with us every step of the way. Our days were all laid out for us times, places & what to wear all we had to do was show up and be ready. I felt like it was an open door for agents to see Savannah and what she could do and that may not have happened had we not attended Talent Inc. Savannah received callbacks from several agents from all over LA, ATL, NY, FL. The event was professionally run and the staff were extremely kind and helpful.  To watch your child get on a stage, perform in front of agents & peers AND take away all that knowledge & experience is priceless. Savannah definitely learned a lot from her time in Orlando (so did I) and it’s fun to watch her continue to grow & pursue her passion. If Acting or Modeling is truly something you are passionate about I highly recommend attending Talent Inc.
-Brandi Parker, (Savannah’s Mom), AOS Parent

Bi-Lo Commercial, Raggs, Briggs and Stratton | Talent Inc. Aug 2015