Noelle has been a student of Acting Out Studio for 4 years, starting at the 5 years old.  She has taken multiple level Acting/Musical Theater classes. She has also attended AOS Summer Camps which were both fun and a learning experience. The instructors are great. They know how to push the students to achieve their maximum potential, while customizing their approach to each student based on the students’ talent and confidence level. They are also available for individual coaching and taping auditions. Noelle has worked with many AOS Instructors over the years and although each experience was different, they all poured something valuable into her. Noelle is a leader and I attribute that confidence to be outspoken to the many years that she spent in classes at AOS.
Nichole Gale (Noelle’s Mom) AOS

Good Behavior, Two Wrongs, A Joyful Christmas, Novant Health, Nascar Commercial