Jordan had been taking acting and singing classes, including improv for more than a year when Kamber asked if she would be interested in attending Talent, Inc. Kamber assured me Acting Out only sends qualified performers who are ready to showcase their work.  This opportunity gave Jordan a chance to present a monologue, a film scene, perform a song and go through a set of interviews with wide ranges of audiences. If she could withstand the stage at this age, she could get even more confidence moving forward. Kamber and EB and Patrick were there every step of the way from selecting headshots and wardrobe, to preparing for interviews and scene study.  In the end, Jordan was asked to several callbacks. She continues to talk about that experience and I have recommended Talent Inc. to several families who have inquired about it. She is now signed in the Southeast and Los Angeles and has made several trips to LA for acting. Take the leap, you won’t regret it!
-Kelley Cobb (Jordan’s Mom), AOS Parent

Clique Wars Part I and Part II, Sheetz Commercial, Peter: in Peter Pan with Acting Out Studio | Talent Inc. March 2015