Ivan and I continue to be awed by the support and education we have both received from Acting Out Studio.  Despite Ivan’s passion and aptitude for acting, we both agree that he would not be in LA right now without everything Acting Out Studio has gifted him with.  The classes, workshops, coaching and “extras” like The Actees have been incredible. But even more important has been the emotional support and encouragement that everyone at AOS has generously provided.  I’ll second Ivan’s statement that you genuinely care for your students beyond any mere business relationship. You’ve supported us through our beginnings in the acting industry and we will truly NEVER forget the role that everyone at AOS has played in helping Ivan pursue his acting career. Ivan often gets compliments about his preparedness and the tools he uses at auditions. Not only have you taught and prepared Ivan well but you have been an incredible source of support for me. You have prepped us both so well for the next stages of his adventures in acting and we’ve made some life-long friends with AOS and a few of the families we have met there.  This is a crazy business but the education and support has helped us maintain our sanity and patience. Kamber, you are amazing and you have built an acting studio that reflects that. Simply expressing “thank you” does not come close to conveying our gratitude for the connections you made for Ivan and his LA meetings. Getting interest from all of the agents and managers we met with was almost overwhelming but gave us the confidence that we would be well-represented with any choice we made. The excellent respect you have earned with your contacts in LA were essential to us getting these meetings. No one else can take any credit for opening those doors to us. Ivan now has what we believe to be the best team of representation here in LA.
Lynn Kera (Ivan’s Mom), AOS Parent

Pen 15, Snuggle Party, Young Sheldon, School of Rock, Game Shakers, Father Figures, The Odd Couple, Edge of the World, Along Came the Devil, Lady Dynamite, Same Kind of Different as Me, Chasing Grace, The Goldbergs, Sleepy Hollow, The Christmas Colt