Tiffany Gilly-Forrer (she/her) is originally from Portland, Oregon and came to the Southeast to earn her MFA in Acting at Louisiana State University. A recent graduate, Tiffany earned a certification in Seven Pillars Acting, trained with Second City comedians, and has a great passion for BIPOC-centered stories, Classical Theatre, and new scripts. She is a Voice/Dialect Coach and Intimacy Coordinator, experienced playwright, and coffee-shop ukuleleist. She and her husband, Chris are travel-obsessed nerds with two cats who plan on starting a podcast one day. Tiffany deeply cares about passing on the training and knowledge that she was fortunate to gather over the past three decades, driven to hone her students’ craft of Acting to make them more believable and grounded. She sees her students as Ambassadors for the Arts, regardless of their profession, and believes that theatre and film should balance entertainment with intentional, communal growth. For Tiffany, art–no matter what form it takes–must not allow us to remain complacent. It must improve humanity through empathy, critical thinking, and storytelling, balanced with a positive outlook. She is excited to work in Charlotte and the North Carolina community at large to make this great state an even better place to live, work, and thrive. Visit her website and follow her on instagram @tgillyforrer to learn more.