Rita Miles is a modeling coach, producer and an award winning interior designer who created Charlotte Seen, Charlotte Fashion Week, Passport for Fashion, The Seen Ball and Miles interiors.

Charlotte Seen is responsible for producing Charlotte’s premier high-end fashion shows, galas and Charity Events. Each year Charlotte Seen hosts four major events: Passport for Fashion, Charlotte Fashion Week, The Seen Ball and The Fashion Seen Ball. Charlotte Seen has been a driving force in the Charlotte Hospitality and Tourism arena with over 110,000 attendees to its shows over a 9 year span. Charlotte Seen provides the opportunity for local and non-local models, fashion designers, hair and makeup artists to display their extraordinary talents to thousands of admirers, customers and scouts on a grand scale. It also gives sponsors/companies a platform to market their product and opportunity to grow their brand. Charlotte Seen provides product awareness and availability to network with prosperous and affluent people of business and the community. Each of these events creates an experience that attendees can indulge in through upscale venues, elegant decor and a one of a kind production. Charlotte Seen provides a gateway to New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week and Swim Week, the fashion international hubs (London, Paris, Milan) as well as photoshoots worldwide.

Rita’s award winning interior designer business, Miles Interiors, started in 1996. With great enthusiasm for design, Miles Interiors brings a fresh approach to the table when creating a design for each client. The goal is to enjoy the outcome and also to be engaged in the process. In our process every item is carefully planned and selected to reflect the client’s aesthetic style.